st. pete pier

An overview shot from across the water shows the end of the St. Pete Pier.
Thomas Iacobucci/WUSF Public Media

We now know the long-anticipated opening date for the St. Pete Pier.

An overview shot from across the water shows the end of the St. Pete Pier.
Thomas Iacobucci/WUSF Public Media

While construction on the St. Pete Pier nears completion, a cohesive timeline of when that will happen - and when it will open - is becoming clearer. 

Screenshot from St. Pete TV.

St. Petersburg city council members Thursday voted 7-1 to approve an artist agreement with sculptor Janet Echelman.

Her floating net sculpture will now be installed next to the St. Petersburg Museum of History, which is also part of the new Pier District.

City of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg’s City Council voted down plans to move forward with the location of artist Janet Echelman’s net sculpture on Thursday by a 4-3 vote. The council plans to reassess another location for the large mesh artwork so it can still be part of the new Pier District.

Ebyabe / Wikimedia

St. Petersburg City Council is moving on with the Pier Park. The City Council approved $5.2 billion in contracts for the new pier today.

Pier Park will replace the decade’s old inverted pyramid.

The contract was approved with a seven to one vote, with only Councilman Wengay Newton voting against it.

“It is absolutely a terrible idea to tear down their pier before you get all the permits on something you're going to put out there. I don't care what process you want to spin it with,” he said at the council meeting.

8 New St. Pete Pier Designs Are In

Dec 15, 2014
St. Pete Design Group

Eight new design proposals for the St. Petersburg Pier were unveiled Monday and submitted to the city.

St. Pete Pier Public Input Sessions Start Today

Jun 19, 2014

Last month, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman chose a 21-member group of stakeholders, business owners and residents to move the new St. Petersburg Pier project along. Over the next two weeks, the rest of the public will have a chance to help determine which ideas will sink and which will swim during public input sessions throughout the city. Participants can voice their opinions to the 21-person Working Group about what they want from the new pier.

The mayor's spokesman, Ben Kirby, said that the pier's functional elements will be one of the main talking points.

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Aug 20, 2013

The aging St. Petersburg Pier officially closed to the public on May 31st. The city of St. Petersburg plans to demolish it and replace it with a new pier, a design called the Lens. But not so fast, opponents of the Lens design gathered more than 20,000 signatures to force a referendum on whether or not to move ahead with those new plans. The vote is scheduled for Tuesday August 27th.