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A charred building with debris and puddles of water in front of it.
Jessica Meszaros

Tampa Family Business Burns During Protest; Donations Flood In

The community is rallying around the owners of a Tampa family restaurant that was destroyed Saturday when peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd grew violent.

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Coronavirus 2020

Coronavirus: Need To Know

Floridians Can Stock Up On Hurricane Supplies During Tax-Free Sales Holiday Starting Friday

Starting Friday, shoppers in Florida emerging from coronavirus stay-at-home orders can avoid paying sales taxes while putting together disaster-preparation stockpiles for the 2020 hurricane season.

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DeSantis Calls Protest Deaths 'Appalling,' Cites 'Zero Tolerance' For Rioting

37 minutes ago

For the first time since a string of protests erupted in Florida against police brutality, Gov. Ron DeSantis late Monday afternoon said the state has “zero tolerance for violence, rioting and looting.”

WUSF will be providing the latest news and information on coronavirus in Tampa Bay and across the state. Here are the latest developments:

Health experts worry COVID-19 cases could rise because of the reopening of restaurants and businesses, as well as large gatherings that are part of nationwide protests. Epidemiologist Perry Brown is a professor at Florida A&M University. He says a spike in positive coronavirus cases around the country is likely to happen.

“I would love to be wrong because the outcome would be the best outcome but again my fear is that some of these things that are happening now with both the relaxation as well as the mass gatherings will contribute to a second wave,” Brown said.

Trees and a plain of grass
SRQ360 Photography

The largest undeveloped property in Sarasota County will remain untouched as conservationists have sealed the deal on a decades-long quest to preserve the nearly 6,000 acres of land.

In February, the Florida State Cabinet voted to purchase Orange Hammock Ranch in North Port for $21 million. As part of the deal, the state agreed to spend $19.5 million in Florida Forever conservation money. For its part, The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast pledged to raise the remaining $1.5 million by June 1st.

Items including a gas canister, glass bottles, bricks, and a bag of large rocks.

Four people were arrested during protests Monday night in downtown St. Petersburg.

The plaza between St. John's Church and Lafayette Park was full of people nonviolently protesting police brutality late Monday afternoon when U.S. Park Police and National Guard troops, with the use of tear gas, suddenly started pushing them away for no apparent reason.

With everything going in the country — from the unrest in many cities after the death of George Floyd at the hands of police to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — it's easy to have missed that there are elections being held.

But several states have primaries up and down the ballot: Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Washington, D.C.

Pennsylvania is holding primary voting on Tuesday, though Gov. Tom Wolf extended the deadline for voting by mail one week, until June 9.

Updated at 9:31 p.m. ET

Escalating his rhetoric during a period of roiling national crises, President Trump on Monday threatened to deploy the U.S. military to cities or states that don't take "necessary" actions to halt violent protests, saying the armed forces will "quickly solve the problem for them."

Trump's Rose Garden remarks came as just across the street, law enforcement officers deployed tear gas and shot rubber bullets to forcefully disperse peaceful protesters. Washington, D.C., had set a curfew Monday of 7 p.m. ET.

students in university lecture hall

The Florida Board of Governors released its student success-based metrics last week, and the University of South Florida came out on top of the state’s twelve public universities.

Florida Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard
Florida Department of Health

The Florida Department of Health reported Monday that 56,830 people have tested positive for the coronavirus; an increase of 667 cases since Sunday.


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