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WUSFNews Responsive Website

WUSFNews has launched a new, redesigned Website. It is now fully responsive, which means that content is accessible on tablets and most smart phones and mobile devices in addition to desktops.

The news you need will be even easier to find than before.

There are a few changes that you might notice:

1. The small skyboxes of featured content have been replaced by a much larger set of featured stories.

2. The list of links below the skyboxes is no longer there. It was replaced by a new elements in the NavBar, called "Special Coverage."

In the tab "Special Coverage," you will find the following:

• Health News Florida Website
• StateImpact Florida Website
• Making Sense of the Media
• University Beat
• Off the Base
• Politifact Florida
• Florida Matters Programs
• 2015 Legistlative Session
• StoryCorps Tampa Bay

3. The large footer that held category and other links has been replaced with a smaller, more concise footer, with logos and links to partners and critical information for WUSFNews.org.

4. Categories are now listed under the News tab in the top navigation bar. They are:

• News
• FL Wildlife Corridor Expedition
• University Beat
• Veterans Coming Home
• Law & Order
• Education
• Health News Florida
• Culture
• Business
• Politics
• Environment
• Off the Base
• Making Sense of the Media
• Science
• Transportation
• World Affairs

Please email webmaster@wusf.org if you have further questions about the location of information you need