USF Prof Susan MacManus Says Interest in Politics Started as a Girl

Jun 5, 2014
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"I grew up with dialogue between — heated dialogue — the family," she says. "I grew up hearing different opinions, and, honestly, if there's one thing I'm grateful for it was that after we would all raise Cain about politics with each other, we'd sit down and have meals and have fun and know we loved each other, and to this day, I like hearing different opinions. It's critical to what I do in a divided state."

Source: Tampabay

The busy season looms for Florida political analyst Susan MacManus. During election years, the longtime University of South Florida political science professor is a familiar face on Florida news shows and in guest newspaper columns. * MacManus, 66, is a Florida State University graduate who earned her master's degree at the University of Michigan and returned to FSU for her Ph.D.

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