Trailing in Polls, Jeb Bush Cuts Staff and Salaries, Vowing Focus on Early States

Oct 23, 2015
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According to an internal memo, Mr. Bush plans to reduce payroll costs by 40 percent this week, cut salaries for all but the most entry level staff members, cut travel costs by 20 percent and significantly reduce headquarters staff. A quarter will remain in Miami, a quarter have already been dispatched to early-voting states, and most of the rest are being offered positions in early states or as part of ballot access efforts, but with pay cuts, the memo said. “We will be working with staff today and going through each person’s situation, but expect sizable changes,” Danny Diaz, Mr. Bush’s campaign manager, said by email on Friday.

Source: First Draft

Jeb Bush has ordered across-the-board pay cuts and slashed staff positions at his Miami headquarters - a dramatic shake-up for a campaign that has performed well short of early expectations.

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