Sad Family Saga in Abortion-Pill Case

Sep 3, 2013
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John Andrew Welden, the man accused of tricking his ex-girlfriend into taking a pill that terminated her pregnancy, told investigators he didn’t want to bring a child into a divided home -- the kind he grew up in. As the Tampa Bay Times reports, court records depict a rocky childhood for Welden, now 28. His father, gynecologist Stephen Welden, admitted to extramarital affairs with a medical resident and a former patient -- lapses that drew him a reprimand and two years’ probation from the Board of Medicine. Welden and his wife divorced, but custody battles raged for years. Federal prosecutors say the younger Welden tricked the woman into taking Cytotec, after which she miscarried her 7-week-old embryo.

Source: Tampabay

TAMPA - In the fall of 1991, a teacher at Tampa Day School asked her first-graders to come up with Halloween costume ideas. "A princess," said one. "A witch," said another. The teacher turned to John Andrew Welden, then 6, the South Tampa boy with the gloomy eyes.

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