Kriseman, Rays Meet Again

Nov 7, 2015
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Just days after a City Council election that may signal a shift with the way St. Petersburg deals with the Tampa Bay Rays, Mayor Rick Kriseman sat down Friday with representatives of the team. It was the second meeting in a little over a week between the two sides, which are trying to figure out ways for the Rays to look for a new stadium site. This time, according to the Tampa Bay Times, the meeting was "cordial."

Source: Tampa Bay Times

Mayor Rick Kriseman met with Tampa Bay Rays president Brian Auld on Friday in a cordial 45-minute meeting. Rays executives Melanie Lenz and Rafaela A. Amador attended the afternoon meeting at Rickey P's, a restaurant near Tropicana Field, as did Kriseman's chief of staff Kevin King and Deputy Mayor Kanika Tomalin.

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