Inside Jeb Bush's Campaign Reboot

Nov 9, 2015
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At his fifth event of a marathon day in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Bush spoke for 90 minutes to an intensely attentive audience at a World War II museum in Wolfeboro. People were listening so closely that when Bush paused for dramatic effect at times, the silence in the room was deafening. With a backdrop of old tanks and fighter planes surrounding him, Bush delivered an impassioned pitch for why he wants to be president, displaying a newfound energy that's getting an increasing amount of attention from the media. "I feel like getting on top of a tank and charging somewhere," Bush said playfully after getting winning applause for his stump speech. "Where's Gen. Patton?"

Source: CNN

Therein lies the challenge: Can he do both? Bush, an accomplished two-term governor of Florida, is at his best when he's fielding nuanced policy questions from informed voters at town halls and has the space to deliver impressive answers that show his fluency in complex issues.

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