Cabinet Agrees to Let USF Researchers Exhume Bodies at Dozier School

Aug 6, 2013
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The Cabinet agreed today to allow USF researchers to continue with the next step in a project they started two years ago: to account for all the burials by unearthing the boys' skeletal remains and, hopefully, identifying each of them. The researchers, using ground-penetrating radar, have already tallied some 50 burials in and around a clandestine graveyard surrounded by thick pines, 19 more than state investigators found in an earlier investigation ordered by former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

Source: Tampabay

TALLAHASSEE - After decades of questions about how many boys are buried on the abandoned grounds of the state's first and oldest reform school on the outskirts of the Panhandle town of Marianna, a team of anthropologists and archaeologists from the University of South Florida may soon use science to provide some answers.

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