Bush Family Gathers to Rescue Jeb

Oct 26, 2015
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“The patient is either in intensive care and in need of some good doctors who can save him or being put into hospice and we’re going to see a slow death," said one K Street lobbyist supporting Bush. Indeed, the man who, it was expected, would be leading the Republican field by a mile, who raised astounding sums in his first months as a candidate, is now on life support, according to people inside the two-day meeting. With the campaign gasping for air, slashing costs and narrowing a national strategy to a New Hampshire approach, investor confidence is cracking.


HOUSTON - This closed-door summit for Jeb Bush's richest donors was meant to be a pep rally, a reunion for loyalists eager to celebrate the family legacy with two former presidents. But as George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush draw supporters together under gray skies and unrelenting rains, the gathering has become a rescue operation for a candidate who looks unable to meet the expectations of the family brand.

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