Bank Fights to Keep Sick Man’s Money

Jul 8, 2013
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Ronald Yaffe of Sarasota is fighting stage-four kidney disease, hoping for a transplant, so he will need thousands of dollars each month for drugs. But when he went to Wells Fargo with $11,800 in cashier’s checks, the bank refused to honor them, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports. So Yaffe took the bank to court, and the judge sided with the patient. But the bank has appealed.

Source: Heraldtribune

SARASOTA - Diagnosed with stage-four kidney disease, Ronald Yaffe knew he would need to round up as much cash as possible to pay for the treatment. So the septuagenarian Sarasota resident went to his bank, opened his safety deposit box and removed $11,800 in cashier checks that he had placed there after a sailing voyage in 1982.

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