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Presentation will help the hearing impaired prepare for hurricanes

Hurricane Prep For Hearing Impaired

It will cover general hurricane preparedness with an ASL interpreter.

Floridians who are deaf or hard of hearing have the opportunity to virtually participate in a presentation covering general hurricane preparedness with an ASL interpreter. The National Weather Service forecast office in New Orleans will be hosting a webinar this Thursday at 6 PM CDT. Even though there will be some Louisiana-focused material, it will primarily be about general tropical weather information.

Florida residents who are hearing impaired can greatly benefit from this webinar based on hurricane prep and safety. It’s a 1- hour presentation followed by an open Q&A period. Registration is not required and sign language interpretation will be provided!

Here is the link that will go live shortly before webinar begins: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fus06web.zoom.us%2Fj%2F84167265801%3Fpwd%3DNTBmUE85NzN3M0UvZVUwZWtyeENzZz09%26fbclid%3DIwAR3iEMCZikkaN3codFTYZ5NXSgxFNaJxYv2_H5W8CyTjtOl3Y3vfvWTCAuE&h=AT1YNhqeAW0ie0kw0WXMItltueRmyBnIxmUe_e0UGhSMkyzTuif4M386W1OXqM4IouKt0oO8_yme1uL5_5COhY-6HXWPq46sECodIDqnEZKEbdjQAMY8X0IkE4vaF1uQ_jbW&__tn__=-UK-y-R&c[0]=AT20gK8nX6SSLjU3bWQaT-Pk8m96k9QW6PyBfM5Zd4_JBeQZhm3v5o3Is4h0yJgJp9I2PIVv1nGbPDWuq4y61a3np_1AIA05ZPvDEMmkckMf15b7kP5XRm4aKRZF7NBYF4C3xyLTMJGNGS9iMoLQBKuyHob-SMROnTTr4yZr9-jvwQ0_Wet9MSg8Na56AUqr78ZwnA

Please pass this information on to your deaf and hard of hearing community.