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Workers’ Comp Case Goes To Supreme Court

Jul 11, 2019

A Broward County school employee’s constitutional challenge to part of Florida’s workers’ compensation insurance laws has gone to the state Supreme Court. 

Workers’ Comp Fall Case Goes To Supreme Court

Jun 26, 2019

A woman who argues she is entitled to workers’ compensation insurance benefits after tripping over her dog while working at home has taken the issue to the Florida Supreme Court. 

Catherine Welch/WMFE

A new law will takes effect next month that expands workers’ compensation benefits for firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, law enforcements officers and other first responders.

Workers comp for those professions will now include post-traumatic stress disorder.

Catherine Welch/WMFE

A new law will take effect next month that expands workers’ compensation benefits for firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, law enforcement officers and other first responders.

Workers comp for those professions will now include post-traumatic stress disorder.

Workers’ Comp Could Return Next Session

Apr 13, 2018

Expect efforts to revamp workers’ compensation insurance laws to return as new House and Senate leaders take over for the 2019 legislative session, according to Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier.

Altamier, who has been commissioner for nearly two years, said this week “a lot of people” continue to believe that a 2016 Florida Supreme Court ruling that tossed out strict caps on attorney fees in workers’ compensation cases will “have a negative impact on rates in the long run” and that changes are necessary to prevent employers’ premiums from increasing.

Scott Backs Benefits For First Responders With PTSD

Mar 28, 2018

Firefighters, police officers and other first responders who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder will qualify for a full array of workers’ compensation insurance benefits effective Oct. 1, under a bill that Gov. Rick Scott signed into law Tuesday.

Joined by state Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, Attorney General Pam Bondi and legislative leaders, Scott signed the measure (SB 376) during an appearance at the Tampa Firefighters Museum.

First responders being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder could soon have extended benefits under a bill passed Monday by the Florida Legislature. 

Workers' Comp Bill Could Aid Injured Immigrants

Feb 21, 2018

A Senate committee Tuesday narrowly approved a bill that would eliminate part of Florida law that allows employers to deny benefits to injured workers who use other people’s Social Security numbers or identification to obtain jobs.

Florida lawmakers want first responders to get workers’ compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder. But the House bill would only give them a year to file a claim. 

Groups Warn Against ‘Premature' Workers' Comp Changes

Feb 6, 2018

After lobbying the Legislature to makes changes to the workers’ compensation insurance system for the past 18 months, business leaders are backing off this year.

Florida lawmakers want broader workers' compensation coverage for first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder. But a new version of the bill would add more requirements as well.

A bill expanding workers’ compensation coverage to first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder has been filed for the 2018 Legislative session.

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Insurer Spends Heavily On Legislative Lobbying

May 18, 2017

Amid a debate about revamping workers' compensation insurance laws, Sarasota-based FCCI Insurance Group appears to have spent more than any other company or group on legislative lobbying during the first three months of the year.

Senate Panel Backs Workers’ Comp Changes

Apr 14, 2017

The Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday unanimously approved a bill that would revise workers' compensation insurance laws, but key differences remain with the House.

Business Groups Propose Workers’ Comp Changes

Feb 16, 2017

Associated Industries of Florida and other business groups released a proposal Tuesday aimed at holding down workers' compensation insurance rates — including revamping a state law about fees paid to injured workers' attorneys.

First responders who get post-traumatic stress disorder on the job soon may be eligible for more workers compensation benefits.

Court Rules Against Injured Worker On Doctor Choice

Jan 24, 2017

In what could be a first-of-its-kind decision in Florida, an appeals court Monday ruled against an injured worker who sought a change in physicians under the workers-compensation insurance system.

In the workers comp system, employees agree not to sue when they get hurt and their bosses agree to pay medical bills and lost wages. German Chancellor Otto von Bismark thought it would humanize the industrial revolution.

Just when they thought they had dodged a bullet, it looks like Florida businesses will be hit with a major increase in workers compensation rates after all.

Republican Leaders Expect Action on Workers’ Comp

Sep 30, 2016

With Florida businesses facing a 14.5 percent increase in workers' compensation insurance rates, state Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and a key Republican senator said they expect lawmakers to take action during the 2017 legislative session.

Decision On Workers’ Comp Rate Could Come Soon

Sep 21, 2016

State regulators may be close to deciding on a proposed 19.6 percent increase in workers’ compensation insurance rates.

Workers’ Attorneys Blast Proposed Insurance Hike

Jul 6, 2016

In another sign of a building debate about Florida's workers' compensation insurance system, attorneys for injured workers are blasting a proposed insurance rate hike for employers.

Insurance Council Seeks Bigger Hike In Workers’ Compensation Rate

Jul 4, 2016

The workers' compensation insurance industry is seeking a nearly 20 percent rate hike, following a pair of recent Florida Supreme Court rulings and a change in state law.

The National Council on Compensation Insurance, which submits rate proposals for Florida's workers' compensation insurance industry, on Thursday filed an amended rate proposal that would boost the average rate by 19.6 percent, up from an increase of more than 17 percent proposed in May.

Justices Reject Another Part Of Workers Comp System

Jun 10, 2016

For the second time in less than two months, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that part of the state's workers' compensation insurance system is unconstitutional.

Workers Comp Rates Could Jump After Court Ruling

May 31, 2016

After a Florida Supreme Court ruling last month that struck down a limit on attorney's fees, workers-compensation insurance rates could go up 17.1 percent, according to a proposal submitted Friday to state regulators.

Justices Strike Down Workers Comp Fee Law

Apr 28, 2016

In a major ruling, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday said that a state law limiting attorney's fees in workers-compensation insurance cases is unconstitutional.

Court Rejects Legal Restriction In Workers-Comp Cases

Apr 21, 2016

In a potentially far-reaching decision, an appeals court Wednesday struck down a state law that restricted a police officer from paying a law firm to help her pursue workers-compensation insurance benefits.

Justices Will Hear Arguments In April In Workers Comp Fight

Jan 25, 2016

Florida Supreme Court justices will hear arguments April 6 in a closely watched challenge to Florida's workers-compensation insurance system.

Workers Comp Case Drawing Heavy Attention

Dec 1, 2015

A Florida Supreme Court case challenging the constitutionality of the state's workers-compensation insurance system is drawing heavy interest from legal, public-safety and insurance-industry groups.