Veterans Coming Home

Veterans  Coming    Home    is    a   WUSF   Public   Media    effort    to    support    veterans    in    their    successful    transition    to    civilian    life,  made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Working    with    national    partners    and    experts,   WUSF    will    better    connect    audiences    to    the    veterans    in    their    communities    and    better    connect    veterans    with    resources    and    services    to    support    their    successful    transition    and    help    them    find    a    healthy    path    forward.

While Centcom officials won’t discuss specifics about the meeting for security reasons, “the planning will broadly cover all Operation Inherent Resolve lines of effort in Iraq and Syria with major focus areas related to our train, advise and assist programs to assist Iraqi Security Forces, helping Iraq regenerate its combat power to provide security for their nation, and defeating ISIL in Iraq and Syria.” Army Maj. Curt Kellogg, a Centcom spokesman, told The Tampa Tribune.

Tuesday is Veterans Day, and to celebrate, Florida state parks are waiving admission fees for everyone. 

Across Florida, state offices will be closing their doors in honor of Veterans Day, but the state’s parks will be opening their gates.  Florida Park Service Director Donald Forgione says the parks will be waiving admission fees, and he encourages residents to observe the holiday at the favorite local park.