USF Nielsen Sunshine State Survey

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A new survey shows one out of four people in the state have had their work hours cut because of the pandemic - and nearly 18 percent have been laid off from work.

The Sunshine State Survey of 600 people was done by Nielsen and the University of South Florida. According to USF assistant professor Joshua Scacco, six out of 10 respondents said they are concerned about the effect the economic shutdown is having on their finances.

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A new survey shows a majority of respondents favor requiring people to wear face masks in public. But a large portion says the responses to the pandemic could be worse than the disease.

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Residents in Florida's biggest cities may be reluctant to recommend their hometown to people looking to move.

The USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey asked about deterrents to moving to a community, and 72 percent of people listed traffic congestion as "a problem" or "a big problem."

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Just months after seeing the budget for the state tourism marketing agency cut to $75 million amid a cantankerous political fight, Gov. Rick Scott is asking again for a major boost.

Racial and ethnic differences are the biggest obstacle to solving Florida's biggest problems.

That's one of the findings from the latest portion of the "Sunshine State Survey, "a joint effort by University of South Florida political scientist Susan MacManus and research firm Nielsen.

The latest portion of the Sunshine State Survey is out and focuses on education, transportation and health.

Survey: Financial Stress Real Problem For Floridians

Oct 7, 2016

The first part of the USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey, focusing on the economy and the environment, was released yesterday. 

The Sunshine State Survey is the most anticipated nonpolitical survey which gathers Floridians opinions on a wide range of economic, social and emerging issues.