Updated at 6:49 p.m. ET

All U.S. forces involved in the anti-ISIS fight will withdraw from northeast Syria in the coming days, according to two U.S. officials close to the conflict. Only a small garrison of U.S. troops will remain at al-Tanf near Syria's border with Iraq and Jordan.

The troops in border areas are endangered by Turkey's incursion against Kurdish-led forces. The move is a sudden change in policy by the Trump administration.

An elderly Clearwater couple stranded in Turkey has been showered with support from friends and strangers who learned of their nightmarish ordeal to get proper hospital care after an incident on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Dodge Melkonian’s wife Jill credits a Turkish tour guide who donated his own blood, and the tenacity of travel agents back in Palm Harbor, for the eventual move to an American hospital in Istanbul.