July is usually a quiet month in the tropical Atlantic. Not this year. Two tropical storms have formed in the past four days, one briefly becoming a hurricane and the other expected to by late Monday. Neither system is an imminent or significant threat. Floridians, however, might want to keep a close eye on one.

Beryl barreling west

Trouble Brewing in the Tropics Times Three

Aug 18, 2017

UPDATE THURSDAY 5 PM:  Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft data confirmed that Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine had became sufficiently organized to be classified as the eighth named storm of the season. Tropical Storm Harvey will likely move into the Caribbean over the weekend, and could even become a hurricane before approaching Central America or Mexico. There will likely be no threat to Florida or the United States from Harvey, but the tropical wave behind it is a potential concern next week.

Rainfall predictions through Wednesday.
Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

As the National Weather Service predicts heavy rainfall in the Tampa Bay area over the next few days due to a Tropical Storm Colin, a number of local counties are taking a variety of measures to prepare for the storm, including making sandbags available to residents.

Tropical System Threatening Florida

Jun 3, 2016

Ready or not, a tropical system could threaten Florida as early as Monday. Whether it has a name or not, heavy rain and flooding will be the biggest potential hazards. The panhandle is likely to be spared, but much of the peninsula could be soaked by several inches of rain over a two-day period starting Monday. If the system strengthens into a formidable tropical storm, minor wind damage and coastal flooding will also be possible somewhere from the Nature Coast to the Florida Keys.