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Fl. Bar Board Kills Controversial Out-of-State Lawyer Proposal

Oct 17, 2015
Florida Bar

Reacting to heated outcry from its members, the Florida Bar Board of Governors on Friday unanimously killed a proposal that would have allowed out-of-state lawyers to get licensed without taking the state Bar's exam.

Bar leaders are hoping that the unanimous vote will help unite a legal community fractured over the controversial proposal, first floated by a committee that has since backed away from its recommendation that Florida adopt "admission by motion" for out-of-state lawyers, if they meet certain criteria.

Pointing to what it described as "significant risk" for the public, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday called for cracking down on lawyer-referral services that cater to accident victims.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says Florida’s lawsuit climate is among the worst in the nation—for businesses. The business lobby association is pushing state legislators to crack down on trial lawyers—including one big name in the industry.