Lightning across the sky.
Wikimedia Commons

On Sunday afternoon at 12:30 p.m., lifeguards along Clearwater Beach blew their whistles, warning beach goers that a storm was quickly approaching.

The lifeguards then closed the water and left the beach.

Twelve minutes later, lightning struck a man, leaving him and seven others nearby injured.

The storm system that produced dozens of reports of severe weather across the central Gulf Coast states is weakening as it approaches the Florida peninsula. Nonetheless, a strong thunderstorm or two can't be ruled out Friday afternoon across portions of central and north Florida. Wind gusts up to 50 mph and a few lightning strikes are possible with the strongest cells.

The list below represents the most likely window of time a strong thunderstorm would arrive...

1 to 3 pm: Gainesville/Ocala

2 to 5 pm: Jacksonville/Crystal River

3 to 5 pm: Tampa metro

Florida Officials Warn Of Increased Wildfire Risk

Jun 6, 2016

Recent thunderstorms have caused wildfires to break out in coastal areas of Florida. State officials are warning against habits that could lead to more massive blazes.