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A new survey shows one out of four people in the state have had their work hours cut because of the pandemic - and nearly 18 percent have been laid off from work.

The Sunshine State Survey of 600 people was done by Nielsen and the University of South Florida. According to USF assistant professor Joshua Scacco, six out of 10 respondents said they are concerned about the effect the economic shutdown is having on their finances.

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A new survey shows a majority of respondents favor requiring people to wear face masks in public. But a large portion says the responses to the pandemic could be worse than the disease.

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Florida's economy has suffered a severe blow from the coronavirus outbreak. We want to hear from you.

On a cold December night last year, a meeting was called in the lobby of my apartment building. Concerned residents gathered to discuss a matter of great import: what to do about the swarms of packages jamming the lobby closet and overflowing into the entryway.

Unclaimed boxes were an eyesore and a nuisance. Finding the right package was starting to require gymnastic ability. And the boxes kept coming, by the dozens, maybe hundreds. Most of them were from Amazon: brown, with a smile on the side.

Florida wildlife officials are asking the public for their help in deciding rules for venomous reptiles.

A majority of Floridians believe that the state is not providing good medical care to people with disabilities, according to the annual Sunshine State Survey results released Tuesday.

Susan MacManus, the survey director and University of South Florida political scientist,  said concerns over health care for the state’s most vulnerable received some of the most negative findings.

USF's Sunshine State Survey Results on Jobs

Sep 16, 2014

USF's School of Public Affairs has released the latest results of its annual Sunshine State Survey.  USF and Nielsen are asking how Floridians feel about a variety of issues.

USF Political Scientist Dr. Susan MacManus said Floridians believe the biggest threat to Florida's economy is unemployment. But they rated undocumented immigrants as the third biggest concern.

USF's Sunshine State Survey 2014 Results

Sep 12, 2014

USF's school of Public Affairs and Neilsen's annual Sunshine State Survey was released Thursday. The annual survey checks up on how Floridians feel about a variety issues.

USF Political Scientist Susan MacManus said Floridians believe unemployment is still the most important issue the state faces.