Story Days in Tampa Bay

WUSF/Naomi Prioleau

On a rainy Monday night in St. Petersburg, from the comfort of their seats in the front row, Rosalyn Connelly and Marika Robinson saw their life stories unfold before an audience of strangers.

The show at the American Stage Theatre, was a part of the third annual "Story Days in Tampa Bay" festival earlier this month.

Storytelling Festival To Open in Tampa Bay Next Week

Sep 29, 2016

Beginning Monday, Oct. 3, Tampa Bay area residents will share moments of their life next week for the third annual festival, "Story Days in Tampa Bay.”

From Oct. 3 to Saturday, Oct. 8, in Tampa and St. Petersburg, guests can celebrate oral history by hearing others stories through dramatic monologues or going on a pub crawl, where people are encouraged to talk to with one another.

Executive director and co-founder of Your Real Stories, Lillian Dunlap, said the various forms of storytelling exists to reach different people.

Your Real Stories is putting on the 2nd annual "Story Days in Tampa Bay" this week. It starts September 8th with events through September 12th. 

Lillian Dunlap, co-founder of Your Real Stories, said "Our aim for story days is to have a lot of different ways for people to hear, tell and experience stories."