in-state tuition

With the stroke of a pen Monday, Gov. Rick Scott positioned Florida to attract more veterans - beyond the estimated 1.5 million already living here - to attend college, to work and to retire in the state.

The “Florida GI Bill,” crafted to resemble the post-WWII benefits, includes measures for veterans, active-duty families and military installations.

Department of Veterans Affairs

It’s taken three attempts, but Florida student veterans will soon be granted in-state tuition waivers if the governor signs the newly passed legislation. All indications are that he will.

The Florida Legislature on Tuesday passed the “Florida GI Bill," CS/HB 7015, which among other things offers a tuition break to honorably discharged veterans regardless of when they moved to the state. It also includes college scholarships for National Guard members.

Kelly Matisi

From Gov. Rick Scott to local lawmakers, elected officials love to brag that Florida is “the most veteran friendly state” in the nation.

Many student veterans believe it’s time the politicians prove it and give out-of-state student veterans tuition waivers so they can pay significantly cheaper, in-state tuition rates while attending Florida universities, colleges and trade schools.

More than a dozen other states give all student veterans in-state tuition rates regardless of their state of origin.

University of South Florida

The 1,700 student veterans at the University of South Florida received an early Veterans Day present Friday from President Judy Genshaft.

She released a statement supporting the top issue of the USF Student Veterans Association – in-state tuition rates for all veterans.

"As we observe this Veterans Day, the University of South Florida thanks its student veterans for their service to our country and their ongoing contributions to our campuses and our community.