Parking kiosk in Sarasota's downton
Daylina Miller WUSF

By Susan Giles Wantuck

There's a long history of business owners pushing back against efforts by the city of Sarasota to put paid parking downtown.

Sarasota Magazine compiled a dateline showing just how far back it goes. In fact, it predates American entry into World War II by about eight months. 

The loggerhead turtle is the most common sea turtle found in Florida. Females return to their nesting beach every two or more years.
Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

By Cathy Carter

It's just after sunrise on Sarasota's Lido Beach and the start of sea turtle patrol for Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium Senior Biologist Melissa Bernhard.

“We have a report of a possible nest a couple hundred feet down,” she said on a recent morning. ”We're just going to walk down to it and see if it is a nest and take some data on it, regardless."