Royal Caribbean

More than 300 passengers on a cruise ship that docked at Port Everglades fell ill with a stomach virus.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean's Empress of the Seas ship will leave on its maiden voyage to Cuba from the Port of Tampa to Havana.

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The dense sea fog that's hung around offshore since Monday continues to cause problems for local ports.

However, a break is finally in sight for 2,500 cruise ship passengers - including members of the Ohio State University football team - who've been going in circles in Tampa Bay for the last day and a half.

If you follow the news on nasty, contagious norovirus, you might assume that the place you're most likely to get it is on a cruise ship. For one, there was that outbreak earlier this year when a group of passengers got sick with severe vomiting and diarrhea on a Royal Caribbean boat.

An elderly Clearwater couple stranded in Turkey has been showered with support from friends and strangers who learned of their nightmarish ordeal to get proper hospital care after an incident on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Dodge Melkonian’s wife Jill credits a Turkish tour guide who donated his own blood, and the tenacity of travel agents back in Palm Harbor, for the eventual move to an American hospital in Istanbul.