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‘Sunshine’ Exemption Sought For College And University Presidential Searches

Feb 8, 2020

Two proposals moving forward in the Florida Legislature would make the process of selecting presidents at public colleges and universities more secretive.

The House State Affairs Committee on Thursday approved a leadership-backed bill (PCB SAC 20-04) that would create a public-records and public-meetings exemption for information related to presidential searches.

Roberto Roldan / WUSF Public Media

Public records advocates are opposing a number of bills that will be considered by the Florida legislature this year.

A body cameras-related bill is now headed to the Senate floor.

Records Exemption Backed For Investigators, Paramedics

Feb 16, 2016

With nearly unanimous backing, the Florida Senate has approved a bill that would prevent the release of personal information about financial-services investigators, paramedics and emergency-medical technicians.