Protesters gathered in Orlando Monday to highlight Florida’s failure to expand Medicaid. The protest on I-Drive came as President Trump and Governor Rick Scott prepared speak in Orlando at the annual meeting of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott was confronted by dozens of protesters during a southwest Florida campaign stop. 

Quincy J. Walters / WUSF News

A national protest for higher wages for low-paid workers came to the Tampa Bay area Wednesday.

About 50 protesters gathered outside of a Walmart on Fletcher Avenue in Tampa. 

They were composed of Walmart employees, fast food employees and childcare workers.

Their demand: a higher minimum wage. It was part of a nationwide protest for the Fight for $15 movement, which seeks $15 an hour.

"Fifteen in my hand, I want fifteen in my hand," the group chanted. 

RNC Protesters May Be Fewer, But Their Message Is Mighty

Aug 28, 2012
Eric Mennel / WUSF

Some look threatening, wearing black and covering their faces with bandanas.

Others march in pink dresses and high heels, fighting the war on women's rights.

Their numbers may be smaller than anticipated thanks to bad weather and heightened security, but protesters from across the nation remain vigilant during the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

They want their voices heard.

WUSF reporters have spent the past week documenting these groups and their efforts. Here's a look at some of our work.

Watch: Is Downtown Tampa a Police State?

Aug 28, 2012
Alex Cook

"It's not a police state," says Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor, adding that the officers on hand during Monday's March on the RNC were there for the protection of the protesters.

Armed National Guard troops peek from behind a labyrinth of barriers covering the city blocks around the convention site.  Police officers on bikes, horses, motorcycles and foot roam the empty city streets.

Some protesters are worried.

Take a look at downtown for yourself and see what Castor and protesters have to say below.

RNC Scene: Coalition to March on the RNC

Aug 27, 2012
Steve Newborn / WUSF

Wind and rain didn't keep an estimated 500 people from protesting Monday afternoon in downtown Tampa. The group, known as the Coalition to March on the RNC, gathered at Perry Harvey Sr. Park on Orange Street.

At times, it looked like there were as many journalists as protesters at the event, where police on bicycles worked to keep potential anarchists in the protest zone.

Listen here.

Mark Schreiner / WUSF

From "Dogs Against Romney" to a giant melting ice sculpture meant to represent the middle class, Sunday was a busy day in downtown Tampa.

Alex Cook

Food Not Bombs, the charitable activist organization whose mission is to provide food for those who need it around the world, kicked off it's 2012 World Gathering on Monday.  Keith McHenry, the co-founder of Food Not Bombs, said he chose Tampa not just because the Republican National Convention is in town, but also because of Florida's strict anti-homeless laws.