Match Day

Ryan Noone / USF Health

Some students in the University of South Florida Health Morsani College of Medicine experienced the "luck of the Irish" this past Friday, as they got their first choice of hospital where they'll do their residencies.

It was all part of "Match Day," where students open an envelope that sets them on their career path for the next three to seven years, depending on their specialty.

Dr. Amin Rabiei knew he wanted to work in medicine from an early age. When he was growing up in Iran, he watched his dad experience seizures and his mom struggle to help. Rabiei went on to medical school in Iran, then practiced at a rural clinic there, all the while working toward an important career point that culminates Friday: getting matched to a medical residency training program in the United States.

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It's amazing how one little envelope can dictate the direction of someone's life for the next three to seven years, but that's what happens on "Match Day," where medical school students find out where they'll serve out their residencies.

A total of 172 University of South Florida medical  students joined thousands of their counterparts from around the country in finding out what hospital or medical center they'll be working at at events last week.

The University of Central Florida announced a five-year deal with the country’s largest for-profit hospital chain to train doctors after graduation, with the hope that those slots will mean as many as 550 doctors will stick around Florida to practice medicine.

Watch: Match Day 2014 For USF Health Students

Mar 21, 2014

USF's Class of 2014 Health students went to Skippers Smokehouse in Tampa Friday to find out where their residencies will be. Each student places $1 in a box and the box of money was awarded to the student with the final envelope.

Last Friday was a day the members of the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine Class of 2013 have long looked forward to: Match Day. Find out what it's like when your entire future might be dictated simply by a school's name hidden inside an envelope.