honey bees

Beekeeper tends to honeybee hives on roof of Museum of Fine Arts in St.Petersburg.
Allison Lynn Photography

Beekeeper Matt Davis has to walk something of a labyrinth to get to the rooftop apiary at The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. First he climbs a set of stairs, passes a gallery of boldly colored canvases, and then walks down a series of hallways.

When Tracey Johnson requested a tour of Florida Bee Farm, she got more than she bargained for.
Tracey in Sunshine City

Put on your beekeeper suit and come see what's involved in maintaining a thriving apiary.

The Darkest Timeline in bottle
Green Bench Mead & Cider

For the next several weeks, WUSF News and The Zest podcast are collaborating on a special reporting project on honey bees. 

Dalia Colón

In a special collaboration between WUSF News and The Zest podcast, we're taking a closer look at honey bees.

Honey bees have captured my attention.

As more local beekeepers began popping up at the farmers market, it seemed that friends and family were becoming obsessed with the hobby - and they weren't alone.