When Shakira Franklin drives from West Baltimore to her job near the city's Inner Harbor, she can feel the summer heat ease up like a fist loosening its grip.

"I can actually feel me riding out of the heat. When I get to a certain place when I'm on my way, I'll turn off my air and I'll roll my windows down," says Franklin. "It just seems like the sun is beaming down on this neighborhood."

A heat wave is set to break records across north and central Florida this weekend, some dating back to the 1940s and 50s.

Holiday vacationers will be searching for ways to stay cool over the long weekend as triple-digit temperatures are possible in Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Gainesville. Upper 90s are expected in the Orlando and Tampa metro areas by Memorial Day.

Justin Doyle / Flickr

In a state built on air conditioning, millions of Florida residents now want to know: When will the power come back on?

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The dog days of summer have hit Florida where the heat index is on the rise.

Summer Safety: Heat-Related Illnesses

Jul 3, 2012

You've been hearing about the record-breaking heat in parts of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. It's not quite as hot here, but hot enough to cause heat-related illnesses. 

Summer is the time for "fun in the sun." That means more people will be outside in the heat. Health officials are reminding people to be safe about it.

Heat-related illnesses like heat stress, exhaustion, and stoke are more common in these hotter temperatures.