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Florida Forest Service

Prescribed burns are a part of precautions taken throughout Florida to prevent massive forest fires by clearing flammable debris from the ground. They are meant to keep people safe, but one such burn was quite the opposite.

In the Panhandle town of Eastpoint, one of these burns grew out of control on June 24 and burnt down 36 homes. 

Florida's citrus growers are blaming Hurricane Irma for one of their worst seasons in decades.

In a Naples Daily News report , U.S. agriculture officials said Florida's orange production dropped nearly 35 percent from the previous season. Grapefruit production was half of what it was last year.

Democrats and gun-control advocates took aim Friday at Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam after the Tampa Bay Times reported that a former employee of Putnam’s agency failed for more than a year to conduct national background checks on applications for concealed weapons licenses.

State Faces New Challenge On Marijuana Licenses

Jun 5, 2018

A Tampa-based orchid grower is challenging a rule proposed by state health officials, arguing the proposal fails to properly carry out a law giving preference for up to two highly sought-after medical marijuana licenses to applicants who own facilities that were used to process citrus.

Mosquitoes can be carriers for diseases the Florida Department of Health would rather not see this summer. 

Florida Citrus Numbers Continue To Decline

Oct 13, 2016

Citrus production continues to plummet in Florida, as the first forecast for the 2016-2017 growing season indicates a 14 percent drop in the state's orange crop.

Citrus Land Drop-Off Continues Across Florida

Sep 14, 2016
Marie Coleman / Flickr

Coming off their worst harvest in five decades, citrus growers in Florida have fewer acres to work with as they struggle to maintain the state's signature crop against an incurable bacterial disease.

Three unvaccinated horses in Central Florida have caught eastern equine encephalitis.

With the first day of school right around the corner, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam wants more parents and students to take advantage of a Back-to-School app.