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Five Questions: Democratic Leader Juan Penalosa On Party Heading Into 2020 Election

Dec 28, 2019

Sitting in a conference room inside the Florida Democratic Party’s brand-new Tallahassee office, Juan Peñalosa beamed with optimism as he talked about the upcoming 2020 elections.

Despite much-publicized efforts by the Florida Democratic Party and its allies, state data shows Republicans in the swing state are far outpacing Democrats when it comes to the raw number of registered voters.

Democrats Say Voter Registration Key For 2020

Oct 14, 2019

If Florida Democrats could sum up the state party’s early 2020 strategy in three words, they would be registration, registration, registration.

No Candidates In Sight, But Florida Democrats Energized

Oct 13, 2019

Even with no presidential candidate in sight at their state convention on Saturday, Florida Democratic leaders said grassroots party members are energized to defeat President Donald Trump next year.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo introduces former U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson at the June 8 state party gala in Orlando.
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The new voter protection director for Florida Democrats told party activists on Saturday that they should assume there will be a recount during next year's presidential election.

Earlier today the Florida Democratic Party announced the launch of a voter protection program as a result of the recently passed amendment four bill and other perceived voter suppression tactics in past elections.

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott said Sunday that he was never told by Homeland Security officials in 2016 when he was Florida's governor that Russian hackers had gained access to voter databases in two Florida counties ahead of the presidential election.

Multimillionaire U.S. Sen. Rick Scott won't keep his wealth inside a blind trust account anymore. 

Florida Democrats Look To Regroup, Plot 2020 Course

Feb 2, 2019

As they deal with painful election losses and try to devise a plan for the 2020 presidential election cycle, Florida Democratic Party leaders announced Thursday they have formed a commission to help build an infrastructure that they hope will yield future wins in the nation’s largest swing state.

The commission was formed amid intra-party disagreements about political strategies that should have been avoided or better embraced in the November elections, which included losing races for governor and U.S. Senate.

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Democratic candidates for governor sparred over the big issues in Florida politics at the second televised debate Saturday night at Pinellas Park High School.

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The Florida Democratic Party chairman resigned after anonymous allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior, a decision he made Friday after four candidates for governor said he should step down over the report.

The violent confrontation in Charlottesville and its aftermath have galvanized elected leaders on both sides of the aisle.  Florida Democrats are planning voter registration rallies in response. 

A federal judge is ordering the state of Florida to give voters a chance to make sure their vote-by-mail ballots are counted.

Fight To Extend Voter Registration Goes To Federal Court

Oct 12, 2016

A federal judge is going to consider whether to extend the voter registration deadline in the battleground state of Florida.

Millions Flow To Florida's Political Parties, Gov. Scott

Apr 12, 2016
stack of money

Florida's two main political parties are getting tens of thousands of dollars from groups who had a stake in what happened during this year's legislative session.