Florida Citrus Commission

Hurricane Irma continues to challenge Florida’s citrus industry.

Two growing seasons separated from the September 2017 storm that flooded groves and uprooted citrus trees across the state, the industry has seen production rebound quicker than some anticipated.

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Florida’s citrus industry still contributes an estimated $8 billion a year to the state economy. That’s despite its longtime battle against greening - a bacterial disease that sours the fruit and is fatal to the trees.

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory.

This is citrus harvesting season in Florida, where oranges make up the largest part of an industry that contributes $8 billion a year to the state economy. Yet, few know that the citrus business owes much of its success to the U.S. military.

Florida Citrus Agency Cuts 20 Jobs, But Still Handing Out Free Juice

Jun 15, 2016
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Free orange juice will continue to be available to travelers at Florida welcome centers as the state Department of Citrus squeezes staff to help the embattled industry.