election reform

A key elections bill backed by the state’s supervisors heading for final votes. The measure is meant to address issues stemming from the 2018 election but Democrats say it doesn’t do enough.

Report: Florida Improves Election Irregularities

Oct 28, 2014

Long lines at voting booths and other irregularities during the 2012 election in Florida are well known. What's not so obvious is how to fix the problems. So says the non-profit citizens lobbying group Common Cause. Common Cause says Florida has fixed most of the 19 problems the group identified during 2012 voting. 

Report co-author Stephen Spaulding says Florida was one of the states that immediately made changes. 

A bipartisan group of lawmakers took the first step Thursday to patch a gaping hole in the 1965 Voting Rights Act after the Supreme Court eviscerated a key part of the law that allowed for federal oversight of states with a history of ballot box discrimination.

Florida lawmakers have been holding committee meetings for the past three months. So, when the legislative session officially opens Tuesday, leaders will be ready to start moving bills through.

Pinellas County Sen. Jack Latvala, chairman of the ethics and elections committee, said to expect election reform this session, but the first bill he plans to take up is on ethics.