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Now that Tampa Bay residents are able to let their guard down against Hurricane Dorian, many people are taking a look at what can be done to help the hard-hit Bahamas.

One group of local pilots is quickly mobilizing to gather supplies and plans to fly them to the island.


The Tampa Bay area is reaching out with donation drives to help the victims of Hurricane Michael.

Donations - including food, medical care, water and cleaning supplies - will make their way up the coast from Tampa to the Panhandle to help those affected by Hurricane Michael.

State workers could no longer make charitable donations through their paychecks under a bill passed by the Florida House.

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Talk about one heck of an explosive donation.

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Remember that line used by President Ronald Reagan, "trust but verify?"

With news about the calamity and suffering in Texas wrought by Hurricane Harvey, the first instinct for many may be to send clothing or food.

But Ashley Post of Charity Navigator says giving money is the most effective way to help right now.

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An investigation by the Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting found the Kids Wish Network spends only about 3 cents of every dollar it takes in on helping dying children and their families. That much money going to professional solicitation companies to get donations is why the Florida-based charity is at the top of the list of America's 50 worst charities.