With billions in federal aid and seats in Congress at stake, some states are dragging their feet in carrying out one of the Census Bureau’s chief recommendations for making sure everyone is counted during the 2020 census.

Five states — Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Texas — have not set up “complete count committees” that would create public awareness campaigns to encourage people to fill out the questionnaires.

people standing at podium at census press conference.
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Next year, you will be able to fill out your U.S. Census form the same way you order Uber Eats – on your smart phone.

On Wednesday, local and state leaders promoting census participation talked about how 2020 will be the first year United States residents are able to fill out census information entirely online. 

Jacksonville, FL
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With all the state has to offer, Florida cities welcome new residents every year. But as a city grows, so does its responsibilities.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Florida is one of the four states that gained more than 50,000 housing units in the last year, behind Texas and ahead of California and North Carolina.

Central Florida Cities Among Fastest Growing In US

Apr 18, 2019
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When it came to population growth last year, cities in central Florida grew by stadiums. 

Updated Dec. 6

"White" has been a constant of the U.S. census.

Other racial categories for the national head count have come and gone over the centuries. But "white" has stuck ever since U.S. marshals went door to door by horseback for the first census in 1790, tallying up the numbers of "free white males" and "free white females," plus "all other free persons" and "slaves."

Census: 13 Florida Counties Must Offer Ballots In Spanish

Dec 6, 2016
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More than a dozen Florida counties must provide language assistance to Spanish-speaking voters during elections.

Nearly half of the counties in Florida have high numbers of uninsured adults according to new estimates released this week by the United States Census Bureau.

Have  golf cart, will travel. At least to The Villages.

The retirement community in central Florida famous for its souped-up golf carts once again was the nation's fastest growing metro area, according to figures released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Floridians became a little better educated last year, were middle-of-the-pack in having access to the Internet and had the nation's highest concentration of retail workers.

The U.S. Census Bureau released new figures Thursday that capture the lives of Floridians last year and how they changed from 2012.

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Fewer out-of-state residents are applying for Florida driver's licenses, and it's not because they've donated their car to their favorite public radio station. Population experts say Northerns are no longer flocking to the Sunshine State the way they used to, according to this report from the Associated Press.

Floridians: Who We Are and Where We Come From

May 1, 2012

Floridians are not from here. That's one stat Florida Trends has dug out of the latest census data.

According the "Florida Trends" research, here are five stats about who Floridians are:

1) Florida is number 2 in the nation for the lowest percentage of residents born in the state -- 35.2 per cent. Only Nevada's 24.3 per cent is lower.

2) More Floridians move to the state from New York than anywhere else -- most that 55,000 in 2010.