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Brett Kavanaugh is a Supreme Court justice. That much is certain after senators narrowly approved his controversial nomination Saturday, putting an end to his bitter confirmation battle with a slim vote in his favor.

But even as one phase of Kavanaugh's story ends, another is beginning: His lifetime tenure on the highest court in the U.S. And this story promises to last much longer.

Gubernatorial candidates Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum continue to be the biggest recipients of the state’s matching funds program,

As a federal appellate judge for the past dozen years, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has played a central role in building the nation's system of campaign finance laws.

Key Legislative Races a Magnet for Money

Oct 28, 2014

With Republicans and Democrats battling for control of a relatively limited number of seats this year, campaign cash has poured into targeted legislative races in South Florida, the Orlando area and the Tampa Bay region.

In many key races, Republican candidates are trying to unseat Democratic incumbents and expand the GOP's already-large majorities in the state House and Senate.