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Cuts To Prison Drug Programs Draw Criticism

May 3, 2018

As Florida continues to deal with an opioid crisis, state corrections officials are moving ahead on a plan to cut substance-abuse services to make up a shortfall in health-care funding for the prison system.

House Eyes Higher Education Budget Cuts

Jan 24, 2018

Florida House leaders unveiled a proposed higher-education budget Tuesday that includes cuts designed to spur state universities and colleges to spend some of their reserve funds.

President Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget have some people on edge, especially in Florida. People associated with the Environmental Defense Fund or EDF aired grievances Tuesday morning. The proposed budget goes into effect Oct. 1, but  people from the EDF say now is the time to act.

Florida budget leaders will have to decide how to structure about $651 million in Medicaid cuts for hospitals and also will grapple with issues such as how much money nursing-home residents should keep each month for personal needs.

The Florida Legislature faces the difficult task of funding the country’s third largest state on a shoestring.  Lawmakers are putting their noses to the grindstone.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, in a nod to a challenging political environment he may confront in coming months, made a personal pitch Tuesday for lawmakers to endorse his $1 billion tax cut package.

In a small room covered with posters for diabetes prevention and free eye clinics, and a physician’s desk stacked with papers, Karen Cascone meets with her nurse practitioner.

The White House has approved NASA's call for four more years for the International Space Station, ensuring that the orbiting science laboratory will keep going for another decade, according to documents obtained by The Orlando Sentinel.

The newspaper writes:

Monday was the first full day of cost-saving furloughs for nearly 15,000 Federal Aviation Administration employees. While weather seemed to be a factor in many flight delays, Florida Governor Rick Scott isn't taking any chances. 

This week, Scott published an open letter to President Barack Obama decrying the federal budget cuts that have led to fewer air traffic control workers on duty.

Here's the text of the letter, which is available on the governor's website:

University of South Florida and Moffitt Cancer Center say sequestration budget cuts are hurting their work, since most of their grants come from the National Institutes of Health, the Tampa Tribune reports. Moffitt, which expects to lose more than half its budget for cancer research, says it expects delays and layoffs.

Bobbie O'Brien / WUSF Public Media

Two years in office and Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn continues to face an annual budget deficit. Yet he told a crowd of hundreds during his “State of the City” message Tuesday that the future of Tampa is bright.

Buckhorn is facing a third year with a deficit. This time the city is short $20 million. The mayor hopes to close the revenue gap by finding efficiencies, making cuts and delaying projects if needed. He was non-committal when asked if there would be layoffs.

“I hope not. I’ve tried very hard not to,” Buckhorn told reporters after his half-hour speech.

Senator Bill Nelson Says MacDill is Not "Toast"

Dec 7, 2012
91st Bomb Group

Sen. Bill Nelson says reaching a budget deal is crucial.  However, He says either way MacDill Air Force Base is not as threatened as some GOP senators may make it seem. 

In Tampa today, the senator laid out to reporters his latest proposals to deal with a looming budget crisis.

Nelson does not back more defense spending cuts.

Recently South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham said MacDill Air Force Base "is toast" if the budget crisis isn't averted.  Nelson says not so much.

Just like the temperature of a fever stricken patient, Medicare is on the rise as the hottest campaign issue in Florida ever since Paul Ryan was named as Mitt Romney’s running mate.

Bobbie O'Brien

If Congress fails to pass a revised budget, automatic, across-the-board budget cuts will take effect January 1st. Three Republican senators held a “town hall” in Tampa Monday to emphasize how that could devastate national security and the military, but they also offered a solution.

The three senators are breaking with the GOP leadership and calling for a compromise before the automatic cuts go into effect.  They want Democrats and President Obama to join them.

Senator John McCain cautioned, without action, the military and communities will lose jobs.

Efforts to reduce the national deficit could mean massive job losses for Florida if the Department of Defense has to comply with the automatic spend cuts scheduled at the end of 2012.

USF is facing a budget cut of around 20 percent. That could affect everything from summer school to the operation of the new pharmacy college.

Senate budget chief JD Alexander is says USF should dip into its reserve fund to offset the cuts. But USF Board of Trustees Chairman John Ramil says the university can't do that.

It's mandated to set aside a percentage of its budget - and it has to keep cash on hand for an emergency, such as a hurricane.

University of South Florida

The USF Board of Trustees is currently holding its first meeting after the Florida Senate approved both a 23 percent cut to the USF budget and the splitting off of USF Polytechnic. 

USF'S student newspaper, the Oracle, reports the Senate's desire to have USF tap its reserve funds to make up for some of the funding cuts is one of the major topics of this morning's meeting: 

USF College of Pharmacy Dean: We Need Full $6 Million

Feb 29, 2012

Students and faculty at the USF School of Pharmacy told the media today that $3 million is not enough.

The Florida Senate originally proposed a $6 million cut to the USF College of Pharmacy, but later reinstated half of it.

The dean of USF's College of Pharmacy, Dr. Kevin Sneed, is working to get back the original whole amount.