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In 1950, Manatee County had 34,000 people. Today, there are around 400,000.  In another generation, it's expected to have more people than Sarasota County. A forum was held Thursday at Bradenton's Pier 22 on how to plan for that growth.

Police cars driving on the road.
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The city of Bradenton is considering forming a citizen review board to oversee its police department.

Wednesday morning at 9 a.m., the city council will meet for a workshop on the subject.

Map of the planned Riverwalk expansion
City of Bradenton / City of Bradenton

The city of Tampa completed its Riverwalk project in 2016. Now neighboring Bradenton will be expanding its own downtown Riverwalk.

The hope is to draw in tourists and revitalize the area. It’s a costly expansion, but city officials say it’s worth it.   

Courtesy of the City of Bradenton

The "Back to Angola" festival highlights an important stop in Bradenton that some escaped slaves made on their way to freedom.

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Talk about one heck of an explosive donation.

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Officials say the remains of two dogs awaiting cremation were stolen along with a freezer from a veterinarian's office in Florida.

WRCH 2017

For the first time in over 20 years, the World Rowing Championships will return to the U.S. next month in Sarasota-Bradenton.

This week on Florida Matters we’re talking about the sport of rowing and what it means to host the championships in the Tampa Bay Area.

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Several hundred supporters of Black Lives Matter and others rallied Monday evening in Bradenton to demand the removal of a Confederate monument that has stood for decades outside the Manatee County Courthouse. The protest also drew a smaller number of people to the city of Bradenton who wanted the monument, now clad in protective plywood, to stay.

Activists plan to peacefully protest a Confederate monument in the city of Bradenton on Monday evening. But after a white supremacist rally in Virginia over a similar issue turned deadly, Manatee County law enforcement officials said they want to make sure the public is safe. 

An investigation into a suspected "cancer cluster" at the site of two demolished schools will involve an independent review of environmental testing dating back decades and a request by health authorities to see patient medical records.

Trulieve, a Tallahassee-based medical marijuana company, will begin construction of a site in Bradenton within a week or two, the Bradenton Herald reports.

U.S. Bobsled Team Holds Combine in Bradenton

Jul 8, 2016

Even though Florida is known for its sun and beaches, this Saturday, aspiring bobsledders will spend their day preparing for ice and cold weather.

The U.S. Bobsled and Skelton Team will host a combine in Bradenton for any athlete interested in becoming a part of their Olympic team.

Brian Shimer is the bobsled head coach and a five–time Olympian. He said they’re looking for athletes with “explosive power and speed.”


A team of Florida fishermen are celebrating after reeling in a 347-pound grouper — a fish so big it barely fit on their boat.

Village of the Arts

Sarasota is known around the world for its arts scene. Can Bradenton and Manatee County become a destination for the arts? 

Motus Global

There is an innovation in sports science now being tested that some say could change the future of baseball. With arm injuries rampant across all levels of baseball, the Motus Sports Sleeve is being touted to give the feedback pitchers need to help prevent arm injuries.


Parker Manatee Aquarium

Some pretty famous dudes were born in 1948: Rockers Steven Tyler and Ozzy Osbourne, actor Samuel L. Jackson, soon-to-be-grandpa Prince Charles...

But not even His Royal Majesty can claim to be the official mascot of Manatee County. That honor belongs to another gent who was born in 1948: Snooty the Manatee.

Everyone knows about the excitement of Manhattan, but Southern Business and Development is singing the praises of America's not-so-big downtowns. The magazine is out with a list of "Ten Wonderful Small Town Central Business Districts in the South."

The mag gave props to Bradenton for its laid-back vibe, theater scene and redeveloped Riverwalk, which debuted in October 2012. Here's an excerpt: