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This Sunday (May 15), The Ringling Museum will open its new Center for Asian Art.

David Berry is the Ringling's Assistant Director for Academic Affairs and is one of the project managers for the Center. He said the time is right to open a new home for a permanent collection of traditional, modern and contemporary art from Japan, Korea, China, India and Southeast Asia.

India's Bollywood film industry is known for romantic, over-the-top musicals that increasingly are reaching a world-wide audience. To highlight the international appeal, the industry holds its annual awards ceremony every year outside of India.

This year, Bollywood, its glittering stars and its legions of fans, have come to Tampa, Fla. It's the first time the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards have ever been held in the U.S.

Al Higginbotham

Hillsborough County Commissioner Al Higginbotham is an unlikely advocate for the International Indian Film Academy Awards.

He said he’s not a cinema fan and knew little of the awards nicknamed "IIFA" and the "Bollywood Oscars."

IBN Times

The International Indian Film Academy's biggest party is starting this week in Tampa. Otherwise known as the Bollywood Oscars, tens of thousands of fans are expected to attend IIFA events across the Bay Area.  

And famous Bollywood actors and actresses are expected to be in town. 

So to get you ready for the festivities, which start with the IIFA Stomp Wednesday night at Tampa's Curtis Hixon Park, here's a little primer on The Best of Bollywood from Time.  

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The International Indian Film Academy's 15th annual awards takes place April 24-26 at various spots around the Tampa Bay area.

The event is held in a different country each year, and this is the first time the Bollywood Oscars will be held in the United States. It's expected to draw 800 million TV viewers from around the world.

Bollywood Fever Hits Downtown Tampa

Mar 14, 2014
Nathan Powell

One of the world's biggest award shows is coming to Tampa in April.

In advance of that, downtown was filled with music, food trucks and Bollywood dancing Friday.

It was all to increase awareness of the International Indian Film Awards, which are going to be presented in the United States for the first time next month.

Steve Newborn / WUSF

They call them the "Bollywood Oscars." And in April, tens of thousands of people are expected to stream into the Tampa Bay area to attend the International Indian Film Awards. On Tuesday, a couple of the hottest stars in Indian cinema came to Tampa to kick off ticket sales for its American debut.

Bollywood's Version of Oscars Are Coming to Tampa

Jul 8, 2013
Yoselis Ramos

The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Weekend and Awards is coming to Tampa next year. This is the first time Bollywood's version of the Oscars will be hosted in the United States.

IIFA has a viewership of more than 800 million people around the world, and has been hosted in a different city in each of its 14 previous years, including London, Singapore, and Bangkok.

City Councilman Al Higginbotham was a part of a group that traveled to China in order to make a bid to IIFA representatives to bring the awards show here. He said this event is a way to bridge two cultures.