Amendment 3

Amendment 3 Foes Pour Money Into Ballot Fight

Oct 29, 2018

A political committee raised $7.75 million during a week-long period as it tries to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment that could make it harder to expand gambling in Florida, according to a newly filed finance report. 

The words on the November ballot appear simple enough: “Voter Control of Gambling in Florida.”

Disney, Seminoles Sink $10 Million Into Gambling Fight

Aug 13, 2018

Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. and the Seminole Tribe of Florida continue upping the ante as they try to pass a constitutional amendment that could make it harder to expand gambling in the state. 

Voters Back Tax Exemptions For First Responders, Seniors

Nov 9, 2016
Jessica Palombo / WJCT

In two issues that received relatively little attention, voters on Tuesday night voted overwhelmingly to approve constitutional amendments that could lead to property-tax breaks for disabled first responders and some seniors. 

Three proposed state constitutional amendment are slated for Florida’s November ballot. So far most of the media and the public’s attention has been paid to two of them. But the one proposal that could have the most impact on state policy, is the one many people are overlooking.

Some political watchers say Florida is heading toward a crisis in the judicial system.

We won't just get to elect the next president on the November ballot. In Florida, eleven amendments to the state constitution will be up for vote - and they all were put there by lawmakers in Tallahassee. A group of teachers are opposing one of the amendments, saying it would hurt public schools.