A Tampa area firefighter is recovering from serious injuries after falling out of a fire truck on the way to a call.


Since February, there have been five wrong-way crashes that have caused 11 deaths on highways in the Tampa area.

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According to transportation experts and law enforcement, alcohol plays a huge role in the fatal wrong-way crashes.

Parasailing Regulations Get Launched in Senate

Feb 14, 2014
Associated Press

An effort to impose minimum regulations on the parasailing industry, aided by video of a ghastly accident last summer that went viral on the Internet, is starting to get off the ground in the state Legislature.

Pasco County Sheriff's Office

A man who struck a Pasco County sheriff's vehicle and injured a deputy before fleeing the scene is now in custody and faces multiple charges.

A World War II veteran of Iwo Jima and recipient of the Medal of Honor is counting on hundreds of teenage boys at a Tampa public school to honor his dream.

Marine Corporal Hershel “Woody” Williams’ vision is to build a memorial in every state honoring Gold Star families, the spouses, parents, children and extended family members of military men and women who have been killed in combat.

In an honor for both the students and the school, three University of South Florida juniors have been named Barry M. Goldwater Scholars.

Not only are Michael Calzadilla, Kaitlin Deutsch and Fiona Kearns among the 238 students from across the country receiving the honor, they're also the only Goldwater Scholars this year in the State University System of Florida.

A Highlands County 2-year-old is in critical condition after his mother accidentally backed over his leg with a riding lawn mower, the Tampa Bay Times reports. It’s not known what type of mower she was operating -- newer models have a safety feature that stops the spinning blades when the machine is in reverse. In recent months, two other young children have been seriously injured in riding lawn mower accidents in Tampa Bay.

Clearwater police have made an arrest in a hit-and-run accident that knocked a young couple riding a tandem bicycle 50 feet, leaving one dead and the other in a coma. Christopher Patrick Weed came forward Tuesday, telling police he blacked out on his way home from work and has no idea how the windshield of his truck got knocked out, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Police charged him with two felony counts of leaving the crash scene.

Lisa Simmons’ boyfriend accidentally shot her in the thigh during a hunting outing in Flagler County. As the Tampa Bay Times reports, the near-death experience for the nurse of nearly 20 years, and even Steve Egan’s reason for shooting that way (he thought he was aiming at a wounded hog), has brought the couple closer together.

A local man died Wednesday morning after an elevator fell on him at TradeWinds Islands Resorts on St. Pete Beach. The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office reports that Mark Allen Johnson, 45, was vacuuming water from the bottom of elevator shaft when the elevator fell from the second floor, crushing him to death.

The lawnmower that accidentally severed both of 2-year-old Ireland Nugent’s legs may be an older model not equipped with a safety feature that stops the blades from spinning when it’s in reverse, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The girl’s mother hopes that Ireland’s young age will help, and that she won’t remember her father backing up the lawnmower in this accident.

SR 60 in Lake Wales May Stay Closed For Hours

Jan 9, 2013
Polk County Sheriff's Department

State Road 60 in Lake Wales is closed in both directions at Kissimmee Shores after an accident at 6 this morning. Both drivers were killed after their vehicles, a semi and a car, burst into flames on impact.

Around 11 this morning, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said it would take about 3 to 4 hours to clear the wreckage.

The only travel alternate suggested is Walk-in-Water Road.

Twenty-five years ago, an event occurred that is seared into the memory of most Americans: About a minute after liftoff, the space shuttle Challenger blew apart, killing all aboard, including teacher-astronaut Christa McAuliffe.

The day started off innocently enough. It was unusually cold in Florida that day, but NASA managers decided to attempt a launch anyway. As a subsequent investigation made clear, the cold temperature made O-rings, which were intended to contain hot gases, fail on the solid rocket boosters.