2018 Florida constitutional amendments

Office of Florida Governor

As lawmakers return to the Capitol in early January for committee meetings, a Senate panel will look at a newly approved constitutional amendment designed to expand the rights of crime victims.

Republican State Senator Rob Bradley is leading the charge to keep future constitutional amendments in Florida single-issue. Bradley filed a bill last week, after most “bundled” amendments passed during the Midterm elections.

Tampa Bay Area Voters Turn Out To Decide Governor, Senator And Amendments

Nov 6, 2018
Mary Shedden/WUSF

Voters turned out across the Tampa Bay area, motivated by high-stakes races for U.S. Senator and governor, as well as a long list of 12 constitutional amendments and local tax referendums.

Voters have a lot to consider in this midterm election. There are races for governor, U.S. senator, and a dozen amendment proposals to the Florida Constitution. But if these amendment proposals pass, what will they actually do? And how might it affect you?

The non-partisan Florida Taxwatch has put together this voter guide to help Floridians navigate the many amendment proposals.