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Young voters say their trust in political systems is gone but they’ll still vote next month

"I Voted" stickers are laid on a table
Mary Shedden
WUSF Public Media

We also get an update on the continuing road to recovery in Charlotte County after Hurricane Ian.

This week on Florida Matters, we check in with a growing part of the electorate — young voters — three weeks out from election day.

As part of WUSF’s Democracy 2022 coverage, we held a listening session a couple weeks back, where we asked you to share your thoughts on the election, the democratic process, and how it’s reported by the media.

We invited some of the participants in that listening session to talk with us on Florida Matters.

We’ll hear from two young voters, Adam and Stephanie — who are students at St. Petersburg College — about why they vote and what they think about the democratic process.

We are only identifying them by their first names.

But you’ll first hear about the continuing road to recovery in Charlotte County after Hurricane Ian.

The power’s on, most schools are back and parks are reopening. But getting internet fully restored has been a challenge. Charlotte County communications director Brian Gleason says the county had to get creative while the internet was down.

Host Matthew Peddie also talks with Grace Banahan, a reporter with Fresh Take Florida, a news service of the University of Florida’s College of Journalism.

Banahan traveled to the Punta Gorda Charlotte library and reported on how residents are turning to the public library for internet service in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

You can listen to the full conversations by clicking on the “Listen” button above. Or you can listen on the WUSF app under “Programs & Podcasts.”

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