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Florida Matters gets a refresher on hurricane preparedness

An emergency kit on display. A flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, tape and water bottle.
Daylina Miller
WUSF Public Media
An hurricane emergency kit on display at a Hillsborough hurricane preparedness event in May 2021.

Whether you’re a multi-generational Floridian or a brand new arrival to the Sunshine State — the key is to be prepared.

This week on Florida Matters, hurricane season starts next week and we learn about what to expect this season — and how to get ready.

Forecasters are expecting another busier than average storm season, with as many as nine hurricanes.

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Host Matthew Peddie talks with meteorologist Megan Borowski from the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network.

And later on in the episode, we’ll hear from former FEMA administrator Craig Fugate about the threats posed by hurricanes today, lessons learned from previous storms, and how Florida’s ever expanding population can prepare.

He says the state’s affordable housing crisis adds an extra layer to the challenge of rebuilding after storms.

You can listen to host Matthew Peddie's conversations with Borowski and Fugate by clicking on the “Listen” button above. Or you can listen on the WUSF app under “Programs & Podcasts.”

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