WUSF News Wins 11 Honors In Florida AP Broadcasters Contest

Apr 14, 2019

WUSF Public Media journalists won 11 honors Saturday night in the Florida Associated Press Broadcasters Contest, including five first-place finishes and a second-place award for Station of the Year.

The station’s award for overall excellence recognized work on: the station’s housing series “Growing Unaffordable;” news coverage of the 2018 midterm elections; an investigative broadcast and digital story on growth in Central Florida’s ‘Four Corners’ region; stories about people who moved to Tampa following the devastating damage of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico; and an arts feature on the region’s emerging glass art scene.

In addition to the staff-wide honor, seven individual members of the WUSF newsroom were recognized in the FAPB contest which included 581 news, sports, and feature story entries, broadcast on radio and television in 2018. Several WUSF journalists won multiple honors in the Radio 1 category, for the state’s largest radio stations.

The awards include:

Also, WUSF reporter and Morning Edition Anchor Jessica Meszaros was honored for work at WGCU in Fort Myers. The station placed second in the Radio II Public Affairs Category for the show  "Continuing the Conversation About Sex Trafficking Awareness Beyond the Month of January."