What Happened to USF's Drones?

Sep 8, 2014

A demonstration of one of two aerial drones the USF Library would like to lend to students - once issues with the federal government are ironed out.
Credit USF Oracle/ Courtesy Eileen Thornton, USF Library

Earlier this year, the University of South Florida Library bought two remote-controlled aerial drones for $1,500 apiece, with plans to lend them to students working on class projects.

Such a pioneering move - it would be the first university library in the country to lend out drones - got the attention of journalists around the country (see here, here and here for example).

But just as suddenly as the news broke, the topic seemed to vanish into thin air.

When WUSF's University Beat spoke to Dean of USF Libraries William Garrison at the opening of the renovated USF Library, we asked him what the hold-up was.

The short answer? Blame the Federal Aviation Administration.