Video: MOSI Marks 'Sea Monsters Revealed' Exhibit with Sandtastic Sculpture

Jun 6, 2013

The sculpture should last awhile, as long as visitors and Mother Nature don't bother it.
Credit Dalia / WUSF

It isn't exactly beach weather outside, but if you're looking for sand, you can find plenty at MOSI this week.

A 15-ton sand sculpture now sits in front of Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry. It was built Wednesday in anticipation of MOSI's new Sea Monsters Revealed exhibition and World Oceans Day on Saturday.

The carving is the handiwork of Sarasota-based Team Sandtastic, a group of five sculptors who've made masterpieces everywhere from Adventure Island to China to South Africa.

For us mere mortals, team member Patrick Harsh offers tips for building better sand castles.

  1. Work from a picture.
  2. Get the sand very wet. "Once you compress it, it's pretty solid. It's almost like sandstone," Harsh says.
  3. Start at the top, and carve your way down.