Video: Military Dad Surprises Daughter During First Pitch at Rays Game

May 17, 2013

Alayna Adams leaps into the arms of her father, Lt. Col. Will Adams, after he surprised her at Thursday night's Rays game.
Credit screen shot

Some things turn us to mush every time: Cute animals. Sappy Publix commercials. And most of all, surprise military reunions.

Nine-year-old Alayna Adams was chosen to throw out the first pitch at Thursday night's Rays game. What the Dunedin girl didn't know was that the catcher wasn't a pro ball player. It was her dad, Lt. Col. Will Adams, just home from Afghanistan.

After Alayna threw the ball, her father caught it. Then he lifted his catcher's mask. Alayna raced toward him and leaped into his arms.

And yes, the crowd went wild.

Here's the video courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times.

This Times article shares the back story of the surprise.

As for the baseball game, the Rays lost to the Boston Red Sox, 4 to 3. But Alayna Adams definitely walked away a winner.