TSA Tries to Relax Rules for Adults 75+

Mar 15, 2012

The Transportation Security Administration  is moving away from a "one size fits all approach" for airport screenings-- adults 75 and older are getting a break and being allowed to keep their shoes and light jackets on. They can largely avoid pat downs too at the Orlando International Airport. 

 It's like the procedure now used for children 12 and younger.

It's all a test program TSA has launched in four airports across the country including Chicago's O'Hare International, Denver International, Orlando International, and Portland International Airport.

If the program is a success TSA said it will expand the program to other airports. 

The new procedures are aimed at speeding up the screening process for lower-risk passengers. But TSA personnel could still ask older adults to remove their shoes and jackets if they detect something abnormal.

Orlando International Airport was chosen because of the high percentage of older adults that travel through there.