Thinking Outside The Box To Make Housing More Affordable

Dec 18, 2018

Alternative kinds of housing like shipping containers and tiny houses are quickly growing in popularity. Could they help relieve some of the pressure from the affordable housing crunch? 

WUSF's special report "Growing Unaffordable" has been looking at people in Hillsborough County who are finding it harder and harder to find a home they can afford.

This week on Florida Matters we talk to people who are thinking outside the box when it comes to housing.

We talk about tiny houses, container homes and dorm-style living known as "macrounits" to see if these types of dwellings would be a good fit for the Tampa Bay area.

And we ask how society's expectations of what housing should be are evolving over time -- does everybody need a single-family home, or a parking space with their unit? Or are some willing to sacrific space for proximity to work and social activities?

Our guests this week include:

Elizabeth Strom, Associate Professor at USF's School of Public Affairs

Mickey Jacob, an architect with BDG Architects and chairman of the Tampa Downtown Partnership

Robert Cox, CEO of Sundog Structures

And you can hear an extended version of this conversation on the Florida Matters podcast:

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